The Environment Agency have granted John Addley Ltd a
Certificate of Registration Under The Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989

John Addley Ltd is a cleaning and maintenance company based within the North West of England with operations pertaining to this region. The following policy outlines our commitment to reducing our impact upon the environment and addressing both key stakeholder and legislative requirements.

We have identified and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and industry requirements relating to our operations.

We are continuously looking into new products, which have less of an impact on the environment, and implement these where appropriate. We promote the use of biodegradable chemicals to all our customers as a substitution for less environmentally harmful chemicals.

Energy and fuel consumption are monitored, with initiatives put in place to reduce the use and their associated impact on the environment. As our environmental management system develops, greater consideration will be made to the assessment of all the significant impacts we have on the environment.

We are always looking at introducing new ways of minimising pollution and managing wastes. We apply the waste hierarchy at all levels of our operations, considering the re-use of materials and recycling before disposal methods.

Top-level management takes an active interest in our organisation's environmental development, and is responsible for driving this policy throughout the business through the management structure and regular meetings with personnel.

Our environmental policy is communicated throughout the organisation and we actively encourage colleague consultation on environmental issues.

It is the intention of John Addley Ltd to further our approach to the environment by implementing an environmental management system. In doing so we aim to set quantitative objectives and targets, year on year to address our environmental impact with an aim to continual improvement.